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LB’s Fashion’s Day Out | Brunching with Vero Moda

Christmas came early this year for 8 lucky ladies who are avid fans of Vero Moda and Elle Oriental; the girls will ring in the arrival of 2014 with fabulous clothes and a full year of fashion thanks to VM.




Last Wednesday, Carmel and Vanilla was invited to attend a brunch held in honor of these eight lucky ladies at Cherry on the Roof Top located in Le Gray. And if you think the event was just your average brunch, think again. Sure the food was flawless and the drinks were fresh, but the Vero Moda team- headed by Roula Nahas- made sure to add their personal touch in the smallest of details. There were cupcakes personalized with the names of the winners, small glass jars filled with healthy bites, and individually wrapped cupcakes which literally tasted like heaven!


cupcakes 2




A dedicated beauty team from Bourjois was also present along with  a makeup consultant who offered   the ladies and myself some beneficial tricks that will surely come in handy during the holidays! Personal stylist Roula Kehdi was also there to give her tips on dressing for your body type and perfecting your style.




However, the most touching part of the event was when Roula gave an inspirational talk advising the winners to love themselves and make a wish for 2014 by blowing off the candle flame from each personalized cupcake. The ladies were finally encouraged to work hard to make this wish come true in the new year.


ur style


Following the event, I visited Vero Moda in Beirut Souks with Rachel from the VM team and we browsed through the new winter collection, which is just amazing! I’m sure you still have a few last minute gifts on your list that need to be bought, so be sure to head to your nearest Vero Moda and select your favorite items. While you’re at it, check out their newly introduced  Noisy May collection!





A big thanks to Vero Moda and Roula Nahas for such an entertaining and fun filled quality brunch. Cheers to so much more success in 2014!

Trends | Your Shopping Experience is About to Get Noisy at Vero Moda

Everyone’s favorite Danish retailer is introducing a new line of clothing! Yes, this Fall Vero Moda introduces Noisy May in its Middle Eastern and European stores.

So, what is this new line all about? And what does Vero Moda aim to achieve with it?




Noisy May is a new jeans based brand that aims to provide young fashionistas with the perfect pair of jeans. Stemming from the jeans concept, the line also includes tops, shorts, skirts, knits, jackets, and dresses. To sum it up, Vero Moda is targeting all denim lovers who want to stand out and have some edge. This where Noisy May comes in, offering edgy designs, while still maintaining a feminine aspect to them.




The brand believes that Noisy May will give its clients a new offering, thus enriching their shopping experience in the store. Fashionistas- who are jeans junkies at the core- can now mix and match different styles under the same roof to come up with a unique look.

I went through some of the items on their website and I must say the jeans are my favorite- I’m really into the whole distressed meets boyfriend jeans trend right now. Check out my favorite picks below!







Look out for Noisy May’s collection to hit Vero Moda stores near you this month!

Favorites | paRs Charms by Roula Nahas

I was surfing Facebook a few days ago and came across a fan page entitled “paRs”. After reading a little bit about it, I found out that the brand belonged to Roula Nahas, Marketing and PR Manager of Bestseller ME.




I had the chance to meet Roula at Vero Moda Hamra last year during the brand’s Miss Fashionista styling competition. In the two minute elevator ride and brief discussion we shared, I realized why the brand is as successful as it is; Roula is driven, she knows what she wants, and knows how to make it happen.


Roula Nahas Wearing paRs Charms
Roula Nahas Wearing paRs Charms


So it is no surprise that Roula became the creator and designer behind paRs which is a series of “gold plated charms with carefully engraved words that have a direct path to the soul”. Powerful words such as “LOVE”, “BLESSED”, and “HAPPY” among others are engraved on the circular charm, with the phrase “MAKE IT HAPPEN” found on the back side.




What is even more inspiring to me is the brand’s Facebook fan page; I love reading the quotes (see images below) that are posted almost daily as a motivational reminder to readers that they have the power to change things and make their dreams a reality.


be a woman and make it happenGive it ur alli can and i will

Out of the collection, I’ve decided that the charm I want to buy first is the one that reads “Happy”; I’ve been down lately, and there’s nothing I would like more than to turn the charm over and remind myself that I can  “MAKE IT HAPPEN” no matter what!




paRs charms are available at Kulte Verdun and Cream Boutique in Saifi Village.



Images are taken from the paRs Facebook Fan Page