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mark rosati

Shake Shack Takes Over ABC Achrafieh

I remember the first time I visited Shake Shack in New York City; it was a freezing day in November and I waited for a full hour nearly 2 blocks away from the eatery to get in with my friends. At the time, I thought to myself: this wait definitely means that there must be some really good food in there! You see, for New Yorkers, Shake Shack is a phenomenal burger experience that gets you every time and keeps you coming back!


view of the shack


Luckily for us here in Lebanon, Shake Shack debuted late last year in Beirut City Center to more than positive reviews. A few months later, there I was at the restaurant’s second opening in ABC Achrafieh on a busy Thursday afternoon. The place was literally packed; everyone was enjoying their favorite item from the menu, from sumptuous burgers and hot dogs to fresh milk shakes (their strawberry milkshake is absolute heaven) to the signature concretes (the red velvet concrete is my new obsession)!


shack team


I was also lucky to meet Marc Rosati, who is Shake Shack’s Culinary Director. Marc is an absolute food genius who – in my opinion- makes the brand an absolute joy and inspiration to those coming to experience it. You can learn more about Marc Rosati by reading his interview with Blog of the Boss here!


mark rosati


Shake Shack is open in Beirut City Center and ABC Achrafieh L3. The eatery is planning several new branches in the coming months so stay tuned!