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Sarah Brandner


Everyone seems to be so pumped up for tonight’s big game between Germany and Brazil! And as fans fight over who the star player of the match will be and how Germany have an advantage over Brazil who lack 2 of their key star players, I decided to shed some light on the ladies who will be cheering their men from the bleachers.

In case you’re unaware, the term “WAG” stands for “Wives and Girlfriends”; the acronym was coined by British tabloids who used it to label the English squad’s wives and girlfriends (obviously!) during the 2006 World Cup. The name caught on since then!

Let’s kick things off by introducing Manuel Nueur‘s girlfriend, Kathrin Gilch. This short-haired beauty is always photographed standing by her man, as they attend major functions together. The German model’s style can best be described as classic, favoring understated designer dresses over cleavage baring outfits. Here’s a peak at some of her memorable looks.


kathrin gilch

Kathrin Gilch 2



Neuer’s counterpart, Julio Cesar hit the jackpot when he married model Susana Werner in 2002. Werner-who was previously engaged to footballer Ronaldo- is a Brazilian model with German roots. (wonder who she’ll be cheering for tonight ;) )


Susana Werner 4



But don’t let her gorgeous looks fool you- this stunner was robbed at gunpoint in Rio De Janiero last year, and emerged a stronger woman. Take a look at her best moments with her dreamy footballer husband.


Susana Werner 3

Susana Werner

Susana Werner 2


Lukas Podolski‘s long-time girlfriend, Monika Puchalski is always photographed cheering her now husband on live from the stadium. The German blondie reflects an effortless style- always favoring comfy jeans, a leather jacket, and her husband’s football jersey while attending football matches.


Monika Puchalski

Monika Puchalski 2


Neymar‘s recent injury may have him reaching for his phone to dial his ex-girlfriend’s number! The Brazilian star recently split up with his young love, Bruna Marquezine. In happier times, the rising Brazilian actress was constantly photographed wearing Neymar’s Barcelona jersey.


Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine 2


Finally, Bastian Schweinsteiger has been happily dating Sarah Brandner for over seven years now. Aside from attending glamorous parties together, the German model dropped jaws when she posed for Sports Illustrated’s Body Painting issue a few years ago!


Sarah Brandner 2

Sarah Brandner



All pictures are courtesy of Google.