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Michael Kors Boutique NOW OPEN in Downtown Beirut

Tuesday marked the boutique opening of one of my all time favorite American brands, Michael Kors!

You probably already shop Michael Kors in ABC Achrafieh and BHV CityMall, but this is the first stand alone full-fledged boutique for the designer in Lebanon, with a strategic location in Beirut Souks.

As an avid fan of the Michael Kors, I love the brand’s idea of Jet.Set.Go, that embodies effortlessness in a sophisticated yet accessisble all American style. Make sure to make some time to check out the boutique this weekend. Remember that a stand-alone location means more variety and a more relaxed and refined shopping experience, which we all crave when dropping a hefty sum on a designer item!











Thank you to the amazing team at BNL for the pictures