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Fashion Fails | The Great Martha Stewart Disaster at The Great Gatsby Premiere

I’m not so sure what Martha Stewart was doing at The Great Gatsby premiere!On second thought, I guess the question shouldn’t be what she was doing, but WHAT was she wearing?




Perhaps Martha didn’t have enough time to stop by Tiffany (the brand designed several items exclusively for the movie) to pick up some bling, and thought she could make up for it by wearing gold sequined spandex instead. Are those leggings? Did she hit the red carpet right after a jog? Is she seriously wearing ankle leggings to a major red carpet event?


"The Great Gatsby" World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Martha, if you insist on wearing a cream jacket, gold sequined leggings, and those nude peep toe pumps, remember to get an even spray tan all over. This is the least we can expect from a domestic diva like yourself who knows that looking this washed out (especially on the red carpet) will do you no favors.

On second thought, maybe Martha should just stick to her signature apron and bake some yummy cookies :)


Real MS



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