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Dining in Style | Classic Date Night at Le Relais de L’entrecote

My boyfriend and I have been craving steak for the past two weeks, but this time we didn’t want an over the top place with a lot of variety; we just wanted something simple and tasty, and no one does simple and tasty (not to mention affordable) like Le Relais de L’entrecote on Abdel Wahab Street in Achrafieh.

With its red, green, and blue colored table cloths, nostalgic looking chairs, and dim lights, walking into this restaurant felt like stepping into a charming cafĂ© in Paris. After settling in, the waiter came and asked us how we would like our steak to be cooked. I answered with very well done and Ralph chose well done, after which the waiter used a pen to draw a small table on our paper cloth (they put this over the actual cloths) and wrote TBC i.e. tres bien cuit towards my side and BC i.e. bien cuit towards Ralph’s side and he disappeared. Just like that. THAT simple!




So what exactly does L’entrecote serve? Steak and only one type of steak! There’s no menu, no choice of tenderloin, no list of side dishes, and no different sauces to choose from. The place makes one type of steak with a yummy pepper sauce and serves a handful of fries to go along with it..TWICE. Yes, you read that right. After finishing your first plate, the waiter comes back and refills it with more delicious steak and more crispy fries!




You can enjoy your steak after savoring a classic iceberg salad (also the only salad the restaurant serves) that is garnished with walnuts and drizzled with dijon dressing. Along with the salad, you are also served a large basket filled with freshly baked baguette to enjoy with some butter.

Chances are following this double meal, you won’t be craving dessert, but just in case you were, you can select from a variety of cakes, ice creams, and fruit. If you want to go simple like we did, then just order a cup of strawberries with plain sugar or whipped cream and enjoy it with a glass of white wine. It’s the perfect ending for the perfect French meal!




If you’re looking for a quiet steakhouse on a Sunday night that serves delicious food and has an understated ambiance, then look no further than Le Relais de L’entrecote. It’s really that simple!