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Dining In Style | Celebrating World Pasta Day

Since it’s World Pasta Day today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I have found the best pasta dish in the country!

No for real. For over a year now, I’ve been going to Signor Sassi to enjoy their succulent Spaghetti Pomodoro with basil leaves. This extremely simple dish is so delicious that I’ve never ordered anything else in this Italian restaurant by the bay. The cherry tomatoes are perfectly cooked, but still taste fresh and the spaghetti is perfectly aldenté.


with flower



Sprinkle some Parmigiano Reggiano on the pasta and wash it down with the restaurant’s signature Italian white wine for a true Italian experience.


pasta with glasses


But leave some space for their tasty desserts; we had the crepes stuffed with creme and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Yum!


des flat


Signor Sassi is a great location for a cozy dinner with a special date on the weekend or a big family gathering on Sunday. Great service, excellent food, and a truly dedicated Italian manager. Dine al fresco for a view of the bay or choose a table inside and enjoy the soft Italian music.


des in yo face



Signor Sassi is located in Zaitunay Bay. Call 01 369 930 for your reservations.

Dining in Style | Exploring a New Side of Mar Mikhael at Sud

In the mood for something different this past weekend, my friends and I decided to head to Mar Mikhael in search of a new food experience. What we ended up finding truly surpassed our expectations..

Walking through Armenia Street, we discovered a tiny staircase right after Tartine Bakery (note to self: must visit soon!) that really ended up being the stairway to heaven. At the foot of the last step, we were delighted to find a charming courtyard; this courtyard- known as La Cour Saint Michel- houses 3 establishments: Bar Tartine to the right, Sud, to the left, and a Lebanese restaurant called Studio 43 that is yet to open.







After going back and forth between the restaurants, we decided to have lunch at Sud. The place has an amazing outdoor area, but since it was pretty hot, we opted for a table indoors. The indoor seating area is also pretty nice, having simple yet impressive decorative items here and there and we could still see the view of the courtyard through the glass windows.




Our waiter emerged with menus for food and drink. The menu is a mix of items inspired by the south of France, Italy, and a few Spanish cities. We were starving so we directly ordered the first appetizer on the menu called Goujounettes (I’m still dreaming of its taste until this moment!). Goujounettes are basically strips of chicken that are battered in cornflakes and fried to perfection. What I loved about the strips was that they did not have any excess oil so you could really taste the chicken and the seasoning. Accompanying this dish was a delicious dip made with tomatoes, herbs, and pine nuts.


Chicken bits


Following this appetizer, we dug into the nicoise salad- unlike any other I’ve tasted in Lebanon. First, the portion is pretty big and can easily be split between 2-3 people (my friend actually had this salad as a main dish and was full!). The tuna is raw but tastes fresh and the vegetables are leafy and colorful and mixed with just the right amount of dressing.




As for the main dish, I chose the penne Alfredo with cream and rosemary. I loved that such a simple dish can take on a new taste just through the addition of a simple ingredient like rosemary. My boyfriend went for the grilled chicken breast that was served with French portobello mushrooms and fries.






Overall the food was more than delicious. We loved how generous the portions were while still being budget friendly. I loved the colored water cups- a fun change from the usually boring plain glass ones found at most restaurants. The service was friendly, although the waiters do seem to be anxious at times with the clients, but this is maybe due to lack of experience.




The setting is just amazing; you would never think that you’re in the middle of a busy city in a crowded street. The furniture, the colors, and the atmosphere allowed us to spend most of the afternoon at Sud without noticing that all this much time flew by.




Sud also has a rooftop terrace that promises one a kind cocktails in a cool outdoor setting, and that’s exactly where we’re going next time :)


Outdoor seating


Sud is located up a stairway just after Tartine Bakery. Walk-in or reserve on 01 560 900.



Dining in Style | The Grill Room, Four Seasons Beirut

We arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel Beirut at 9pm sharp and took the elevator up to The Grill Room located on the second floor. A courteous waiter greeted us and showed us to our cozy table overlooking Beirut’s waterfront.

While deciding what to order, we were served with a loaf of freshly baked bread, along with its condiments. At a loss of what type of steak to order, our waiter was kind enough to spend some time giving us his recommendation; I finally opted for the American very well-done 180g Ladies Cut steak, along with the boiled asparagus and cauliflower gratin while my boyfriend (the biggest steak lover ever!) went for the 250g medium-well American Tenderloin with French fries and sauteéd mushrooms.


Patterned walls at The Grill Room

Just as we started sipping on our 2010 Ksara Chardonnay, our exotic green salad with grapes (yes grapes) arrived; the mixture of the sweet and sour taste was scrumptious and the melange of the colors together was quite appetizing. Moments later, our main course was brought in and we eagerly dug into the most tender and perfectly cooked American steaks we’ve ever had. The fries were crispy, the asparagus still bright green despite being boiled, and the cauliflower gratin had just the right amount of parmesan to make it even more delicious.

Our evening was accompanied by a DJ who spun the most amazing unplugged versions of the best pop and soft rock music. What made the night even more enjoyable was that the entire restaurant was smoke-free and those who wanted to light up, courteously did so out on the terrace.




Our final course of the evening- the Chocolate Croustillant came just as we were finishing our Chardonnay. The crispy tarte covered in mouth-watering Valrhona chocolate was the perfect ending to this perfect dinner.

I had a great time at the Four Seasons’ The Grill Room. From the flawless service to the ambiance to the delectable food, I will be visiting again very soon!


The Grill Room Steakhouse is at the Four Seasons Hotel Beirut.

1418 Professor Wafic Sinno Avenue

Minet El Hosn, Beirut