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Trends | Your Shopping Experience is About to Get Noisy at Vero Moda

Everyone’s favorite Danish retailer is introducing a new line of clothing! Yes, this Fall Vero Moda introduces Noisy May in its Middle Eastern and European stores.

So, what is this new line all about? And what does Vero Moda aim to achieve with it?




Noisy May is a new jeans based brand that aims to provide young fashionistas with the perfect pair of jeans. Stemming from the jeans concept, the line also includes tops, shorts, skirts, knits, jackets, and dresses. To sum it up, Vero Moda is targeting all denim lovers who want to stand out and have some edge. This where Noisy May comes in, offering edgy designs, while still maintaining a feminine aspect to them.




The brand believes that Noisy May will give its clients a new offering, thus enriching their shopping experience in the store. Fashionistas- who are jeans junkies at the core- can now mix and match different styles under the same roof to come up with a unique look.

I went through some of the items on their website and I must say the jeans are my favorite- I’m really into the whole distressed meets boyfriend jeans trend right now. Check out my favorite picks below!







Look out for Noisy May’s collection to hit Vero Moda stores near you this month!