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Beauty Essentials your Skin Needs to Survive the Chilly Weather this Week

With temperatures rumored to hit freezing levels this week, you’re all probably reaching for your thermal sweaters, wool trench coats, and furry boots.
However, as the days get shorter and your anticipation to go home, hug your bed, and wish you could hibernate until the storm is over, there’s one element that you should not neglect: your skin.


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The harsh cold is what often contributes to dry skin which in turns rids your skin of its natural glow. To fight this, here are a few beauty essentials that your skin will need to survive:

Your face:
If you normally moisturize your skin once a day, it might be a good idea to double up on your routine and apply your face cream twice (morning and night). A great moisturizer is Clarins’ Daily Energizer Cream which perfectly hydrates, reflects freshness, and provides your skin with a healthy winter glow.


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Your lips:
Your lips have probably been chapped for at least a month now, but harsh temperatures will increase the dryness and may even cause bleeding. Maintain your signature pout by using lip balm every 2-3 hours and patting your lips with a damp cloth throughout the day.




Your hands:
Washing your hands (specifically with very hot water or very cold water) will cause them to dry in the days ahead. Invest in a good hand cream to combat the dryness: Bath and Body Works’ Warm Vanilla Sugar cream will give your skin a creamy feel, Clarins’ Hand and Nail Treatment Cream will soften your hands and strengthen your nails (tried and tested!), while the medicated Glycerodermine is perfect for overnight application. It would also be a good idea to moisturize after every hand wash.



Your feet:
You may think that your feet are tucked away in warm socks and furry boots, but all these long hours will take a toll on them. Take off your socks before bedtime and let your toes breathe. You can also apply a designated foot cream-what better treatment for your feet than Scholl’s Foot Therapy- to combat dryness.


Your eyes:
Work or university commitments will always require you to look presentable. In this case, water-proof mascara is your best friend. The cold weather coupled with high winds will cause your eyes to tear up; invest in a great waterproof product that won’t have you reaching for the nearest Kleenex. Dior has some of the best beauty products in the market and their waterproof mascara is a makeup essential that you will use until the last stroke.




What are some of your favorite winter beauty essentials?