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Trends | Shopping Made Chic: Chanel’s Supermarket Experience

It’s the show everyone’s been talking about! Amid everyone’s recovery process following the end of awards season 2014 , Chanel managed to awaken everybody from their slumber by putting on an eccentric (to say the least) fashion show in a supermarket setting at the Grand Palais in Paris.


Chanel ss



The genius that is Karl Lagerfeld stocked the setting with signature Coco items including pasta, eggs, cheeses, soaps, “Haute Ketchup”, “Eau de Chanel”, you name it! Shortly after, the stunning Chanel models made their way down the aisles parading the iconic brand’s latest collection (a mix of classy meets casual) as the audience looked on in awe.




Ladies who shop


Was it crazy? Yes. Was it an unconventional show for a luxury brand with a legacy such as Chanel’s? Definitely! Did the internet explode in response? Yes (and it still is more than 24 hours later) Was Coco Chanel turning in her grave throughout? Possibly! Is Karl Lagerfeld a genius who knows how to reinvent a brand, knowing that its clean cut up-scale image will not be touched? Absolutely!!


Cara 2



I’ll leave you with some of the most popular reactions about the show below! What did you think of the Chanel supermarket fashion show?