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Favorites | paRs Charms by Roula Nahas

I was surfing Facebook a few days ago and came across a fan page entitled “paRs”. After reading a little bit about it, I found out that the brand belonged to Roula Nahas, Marketing and PR Manager of Bestseller ME.




I had the chance to meet Roula at Vero Moda Hamra last year during the brand’s Miss Fashionista styling competition. In the two minute elevator ride and brief discussion we shared, I realized why the brand is as successful as it is; Roula is driven, she knows what she wants, and knows how to make it happen.


Roula Nahas Wearing paRs Charms
Roula Nahas Wearing paRs Charms


So it is no surprise that Roula became the creator and designer behind paRs which is a series of “gold plated charms with carefully engraved words that have a direct path to the soul”. Powerful words such as “LOVE”, “BLESSED”, and “HAPPY” among others are engraved on the circular charm, with the phrase “MAKE IT HAPPEN” found on the back side.




What is even more inspiring to me is the brand’s Facebook fan page; I love reading the quotes (see images below) that are posted almost daily as a motivational reminder to readers that they have the power to change things and make their dreams a reality.


be a woman and make it happenGive it ur alli can and i will

Out of the collection, I’ve decided that the charm I want to buy first is the one that reads “Happy”; I’ve been down lately, and there’s nothing I would like more than to turn the charm over and remind myself that I can  “MAKE IT HAPPEN” no matter what!




paRs charms are available at Kulte Verdun and Cream Boutique in Saifi Village.



Images are taken from the paRs Facebook Fan Page