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LB’s Fashion’s Night Out | Miss Selfridge Opens at the Beirut City Centre!

Over 8 years ago, one of my favorite shopping destinations – Miss Selfridge- closed its doors in Beirut. As young teenagers, my friends and I would wait for Saturday afternoons to shop the latest looks to wear on our highly anticipated “no school uniform” days. As for my mum, well only God knows how many hours she had to wait in the changing rooms for me to choose the items I wanted to purchase.

So I guess you can imagine how super excited I was when I found out that Miss Selfridge was re-opening in Beirut (Thank you Alshaya!) at the Beirut City Centre.




I attended the opening on Saturday afternoon and upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly hostess who briefly showed me around and told me what to expect from the event. First up, the super fun fake eyelash counter where many ladies- including U Magazine’s senior editor Dalia Saad were putting on faux lashes. The makeup artist invited me to sit on a high stool facing a mirror, and within seconds I had myself a pair of sexy long long lashes! Next, a photographer took a picture of me standing in front of a backdrop of colored balloons and I got the hard copy of the image a few minutes later.





As for the fashion, well it’s full-on Summer at Miss Selfridge! Whites, salmons, and light blues dominate the collection with flirty little dresses and glamorous evening gowns displayed all over the store. While sipping a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade that was being passed around, I noticed a petite’s section (I’m sure many petite sized ladies will love this) that has a variety of fashionable and trendy Spring outfits.




As for my first purchase, well I think I found my favorite Summer accessory with an amazing necklace from the “Diva” collection with a heavily pearled collar and long gold chains worn over the shoulders. While checking out, I was happily surprised to get a makeup bag as a gift for my purchase.




Check out all the Spring/Summer Fashion at Miss Selfridge at the Beirut City Centre- it will sure be one of my new go-to places this season!




TheDalia Saad tweet taken from her Twitter account.

Favorites | Crazy for Warm Vanilla Sugar!

Hi. My name is Lara and I’m obsessed with Vanilla. There. That’s my biggest secret!

It all started around 10 years ago when my aunt took me to a Bath & Body Works store in a Los Angeles area mall. I had finally discovered lotion heaven; from the bright color displays, to the rich mixture of sweet and sour scents, and not to mention the crazy offers and promotions!

It didn’t take me long to pick a favorite; Warm Vanilla Sugar; just saying the name makes me feel warm and fuzzy in Winter and soft and light in Summer. As for the smell, just imagine a rich melange of swirly vanilla mixed with a small pinch of sparkling sugar. Absolute heaven!


Warm Vanilla Sugar necessities!


This brand line from BBW’s signature collection includes lotion, cream, hand sanitizer, hand soap, fragrance mist, body butter, perfume, body scrub, body wash, and even candles. Every once in a while, the brand changes the packaging to mix things up a little bit, however, signature smell never changes.┬áTo top it off, these items really work; the lotion leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, the scrub exfoliates amazingly well, and the fragrance mist actually lasts all day long!


Warm Vanilla Sugar must-haves in my handbag right now!
Warm Vanilla Sugar must-haves in my handbag right now!


The sanitizer, fragrance mist, and lotion are a daily must have I never leave home without- these even come in a small travel size that are perfect for small purses.

I’m so happy to learn that Bath and Body Works is finally opening in Lebanon at the ┬áBeirut City Center; I just hope that it’s sooner rather than later so that I can get my hands on these items anytime without having to fly thousands of miles to own these pampering products.