Dining In Style At Pasquale

It comes as no surprise that the Grand Hills Hotel is the place to be this season. The Fall weather is absolutely the perfect time to take a stroll in this extravagant village that boasts the world’s largest presidential suite and offers more than breath-taking views of the Lebanese mountains as well as the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea.

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The Grand Hills Hotel is also home to the county’s newest Italian restaurant, Pasquale. The eatery has just recently opened and features truly authentic Italian delights and specialties that aim to satisfy every Italian food lover’s appetite. Pasquale boats ¬†spacious indoor seating, but we chose to sit outdoors among the Fall trees as soft Italian music played into the background on the first day of November.



Soon after, our waiter came with menus and started making suggestions to assist us with our order. Following a brief discussion, we decided to share the Pizza Funghi as a starter, and surely, we were not disappointed. This pizza is truly by far one of the best I’ve had in quite some time and¬†featured what can only be a homemade tomato sauce with heaps of tastefully melted Mozzarella.




As for the main courses, we ordered the Gnocchi Al Sorrentina – which was exquisite, the Risotto Porcini, and the baby chicken with potatoes and vegetables. All dishes were perfectly cooked and full of flavor.



Although we were stuffed, we couldn’t resist but share the chocolate dessert¬†specialty at Pasquale. Three layers of thin chocolate bars were pressed together in between rich creme chantilly and hazelnut that provided the perfect sweet ending to a great experience.



Meal for 3, with drinks: USD 120.

Special thanks to our waiter Paul, who was knowledgeable as he was courteous!

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