5 Things I Loved From The Miss Lebanon 2015 Pageant

It was another eventful occasion for LBC’s Miss Lebanon as the network broadcast the pageant for the 20th year in a row on Monday, October 12th, 2015. 14 contestants from all over the Lebanese territories paraded around Casino Du Liban’s Salle Des Ambassadeurs for over two hours, until Valerie Abou Chakra was crowned as the new Miss Lebanon 2015 right before midnight.

I’ve heard a lot of feedback about the event, be it both positive and negative, and yet, nonetheless, there are so many awesome things that caught my attention and here are some of them!

Call It A Party

photo 2

I loved the live DJ set that was included in the swimsuit competition section of the pageant. It gave a younger and lighter feel to the overall atmosphere of the night as the beautiful ladies stunned one after another in red one-piece swimsuits.


The final question was chosen via social media


In the digital age, it’s nice to know that audiences can have an added value in live telecasts. Although the question sourced from the audience was quite a predictable one, it’s still refreshing to feel that people’s opinions count and this can pave the way forĀ a more creative approach next year.

THAT Crown!


For this year’s crown, the Miss Lebanon organization selected Yessayan jewelry to carefully design the diamond studded stunner. The flawless piece was truly the icing on the cake that cemented Valerie Abou Chakra’s status as Lebanon’s reigning beauty queen!

The Set

photo 2

LBC knew that this was its 20th year hosting the show and what better way to show off what they’ve got to celebrate than with a state-of-the-art set designed by the famed Yara Issa El Khoury?

Nadine Njeim

photo 1

Has there ever been someone more beautiful than Miss Lebanon 2004, Nadine Njeim? 10 years following her reign, Njeim proves that she is still as stunning, classy, and poised as ever!

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