Kale & Quinoa Celebration

For The Love Of Bread & Friendship: Savoring Bar Tartine’s New Menu

What started out as a small bakery on Mar Mikhael street has turned into another Lebanese success story! Bar Tartine has literally taken over peoples’ hearts in a very short time frame, making it one of the country’s most popular eateries to date. And why not? The food is great, the service amazing, and the tastes and flavors are always consistent.

A member of the group that manages Zaatar W Zeit and Studio Beirut, Bar Tartine welcomes you in three perfectly selected locations: Mar Mikhael, ABC Achrafieh, and Dbayeh. And since the eatery is part of a mother company that is constantly looking for ways to reinvent itself, Bar Tartine decided to re-engineer its menu and invited selected bloggers to savor these new items last night in their branch in Dbayeh.


Farmhouse Kale & Quinoa Celebration

The newest locale enjoys a perfectly spaced outdoor garden- a great setting to schedule a lunch or dinner with friends when the weather gets cooler. The interior is cozy and you are directly welcomed with smiling waiters who are happy to walk you to your selected table. The evening kicked-off with a round of fruity Prosecco cocktails; I had the peach flavor which was perfect, but was told that the strawberry was just as good. As it turns out, you can enjoy these fruity Prosecco cocktails everyday in August starting 5.00 pm in all Bar Tartine locations, so make sure to book an afternoon with your friends for a tasting!

Soon after, the new menu items started coming in: The Kale Quinoa Celebration salad is more like a flavor celebration for your taste buds; kale and quinoa come together in a perfect mixture and are fused with hints of cranberry and topped with a large grilled chicken breast, a great dish to have as a full healthy meal. Another great dish was the Couscous Freshness salad. I am usually not a fan of couscous, since I feel that it’s really dry, but the rich dressing and carefully selected spices make this salad a winner! The Kale Avocado Rolls are a must-try: the two ingredients are seasoned and rolled in green cabbage and are accompanied by a dipping sauce for you to enjoy!

Couscous Freshness

Next came the three new pizzas, all with a homemade dough as their base: the chicken picante features cheese, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini. For olive lovers, the goat cheese feast has a tapenade base sauce and includes goat cheese, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, and sprinkles of pine nuts. The spicy alfresco was my favorite; if you’re into spices then you will love this rich blend of Italian sausages, olives, mushrooms, and wild thyme.


Spicy Alfresco Chicken Picante Goat Cheese Feast

Sandwiches followed and gave vegetarians a reason to smile: the veggie symphony is a winner with a rich mix of eggplant, beetroot, avocado, and arugula all sandwiched between two slices of brown toast. At the other end of the spectrum, the chicken provolone was juicy as it was hearty and was complemented by a generous side salad.


Veggie Symphony Chicken Provolone

Bar Tartine’s new menu drops today across their branches in Mar Mikhael, ABC Achrafieh, and Dbayeh. And if you happen to be craving some bread or late night desserts, Bar Tartine offers a 50% discount on its bread and pastries as of 9.00 pm every night. See you there!







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