#IAmWhatIAm With BHV Lebanon

Imagine a world where you could be anything you wanted to be. What could be better, right? Well now you can thanks to an amazing initiative by BHV Lebanon!



Join BHV Lebanon and myself in this inspiring campaign that aims to support Lebanon’s youth by asking them to speak their minds. I chose to be summer, but you could choose to be free, happy, excited, or state your opinion about the things that matter to you the most. The instructions are pretty simple:

  • Create a short video and express yourself in 10 to 15 seconds
  • Upload the video to your Instagram page- make sure your account is not a private one
  • Don’t forget to add the hashtags #BHVIAmWhatIAm and #IAmWhatIAmWithLara

The lucky winner will be treated to a styling and photo shoot session with BHV and myself. Make sure to upload your videos before August 7th!


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