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Lebanese Brides Run Beirut Marathon in Wedding Dresses!

“Every year, approximately 15 million girls are married before they turn 18, across countries, cultures, and religions. They are robbed of their childhood, denied their rights to health, education, and security”.


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With this startling fact in mind, tens of wonderful young women came together during Sunday’s annual Beirut Marathon to support millions of young girls who are being victimized by these atrocities. UNICEF, ABAAD- a midway safe house for women and girls who are survivors of gender based violence in Lebanon- , OXFAM (International Civil Society Organization), and ESPOSA collaborated in order to raise awareness as well as funds for this cause.


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The amazing people at ESPOSA provided gowns, veils, and accessories that were worn by participants of the the 10 km walk and run. An orchestra even played live music in the background! What a great initiative by all parties involved!


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To learn more about ABAAD and to support them, click here.





Special thanks to Lynn for the information :)

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