4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Lebanese Designer Behind JLo’s Outfit at the World Cup Opening Ceremony!

When Jennifer Lopez took the stage last night in Sao Paolo along side Pitbull and Claudia Leitte, the newly single starlet took everyone’s breath away! The Latina clearly did not disappoint!




Jennifer slipped into a stunning emerald leotard by Charbel Zoe. I did a little digging and found out 4 things you probably didn’t know about this up and coming Lebanese designer.

He’s been designing for longer than you think!

This Lebanese young designer is quite the sensation! He’s being doing what he’s best at since 2012; in fact he even designed Miss Lebabon’s evening gown for the 2012 Miss World competition. His designs are so intricate and detailed, clearly showing off the female figure in a flattering way.


“The Ice Queen” Bridal Gown by Charbel Zoe

This is not the first time JLo wears one of his designs!

Charbel previously dressed Lopez in an equally stunning electric blue leotard for her performance on American Idol’s finale. The design featured sexy cutouts and lots of fringe.

JLo idol

He’s got a rather sizable list of international celeb clients

Charbel has previously worked with several models including Tyra Banks. Check him out below posing with non other than Carmen Electra while meeting with her for an upcoming project, as posted on his Facebook page recently.

Carmen Electra

He considers the Lebanese starlet Haifa Wehbe as his muse

Charbel has designed countless looks for Haifa Wehbe. Whether it’s for a video clip or for a stage performance, the designer always seems to know how to accentuate Haifa’s flawless silhouette, even designing a wedding dress for her character in a new series named “Kalam 3ala Waraq”. Check out the singer giving Charbel a shout out on her Instagram a few weeks ago!


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