Dining in Style | The Perfect Ending to the Weekend at Tavolina

Ralph and I have been meaning to try Tavolina for ages, but it seemed like we never had the time to so. So, on a rainy Sunday night, we finally hit the relatively new Italian eatery located in Mar Mikhael.




The place is really cozy and its most eye-catching piece is the pizza wood-burning oven located in the corner. We sat at a table in the middle and directly ordered main platters when the waiter came.


tavolina 1


I chose the goat cheese pizza with sun dried tomatoes and Ralph went for the grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. I loved loved my pizza! The dough tasted fresh and homemade and the goat cheese was delicious. Ralph’s chicken was cooked to perfection and we both loved the place’s generosity with the serving size for both mains.






I’d love to go back to Tavolina; the place is so understated and perfect for a laid back evening with your date or a fun family lunch on Sundays.


Tavolina is located on Camille Youssef Chamoun St, Mar Mkhael. To reserve, call 01 442 244.

Meal for two with wine $80

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