Dining in Style | Holiday Breakfast at Shakespeare & Co.

To celebrate the Adha holiday break this past Tuesday, Ralph and I decided to go out for a late breakfast in the October sunshine. I had been to Shakespeare & Co. right after in opened and honestly, the experience was less than good. However, I recently heard from a few friends that their breakfast is quite a good one, so we headed there to check it out for ourselves.

We arrived at Shakespeare in Dbayeh shortly after 11 AM; the place has a large indoor area as well as a charming outdoor venue with old English garden furniture and is decorated with green flowers and plants here and there. I thought that sitting outside would be noisy with the cars buzzing on the nearby highway, but it was actually very quiet and peaceful.




Shakespeare offers a variety of items for breakfast; pancakes and manakeesh are available and you can get almost any style of eggs that you can imagine. Ralph went for the salmon eggs which is basically a rich salmon and egg mix laid on two English muffins and served with baked potatoes and Hollandaise sauce.


Labneh 1


I went for the Arabic breakfast combo; for around 20,000 LBP you can enjoy Labneh, grilled Halloumi, a few cubes of Halawa and a choice of Zaatar or cheese saj served with veggies. You also get a juice of your choice along with coffee or tea. Not a bad deal at all and a good meal in general, although I might recommend replacing the Arabic bread with fresh saj bread.




Our experience was a good one in general; I would love to return for another breakfast or maybe try them again for lunch or dinner, but I would really recommend that they train their staff more; they sure need to smile and be more courteous to their guests!



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