Clooney – Alamuddin Weekend Wedding Pics: The Photographer Behind the Lens!

It was undoubtedly the wedding of the year! Hundreds if not thousands of screaming fans made their way to Venice to watch the very handsome serious bachelor George Clooney marry the equally stunning and smart Lebanese born Amal Alamuddin. The lavish festivities kicked off on Friday and lasted for 4 days!

We were all able to get front row sneak peaks of the celeb-filled affair thanks to the hundreds of photographers who were camped out for days in Venice, all waiting to catch the perfect frame of Clooney and Alamuddin. One photographer who stood out was the Associated Press’ Mr. Luca Bruno. I was really lucky enough to catch Luca for 5 minutes from his super busy and hectic schedule to provide us all with scoop from the wedding of the year from a photography perspective! Read on to discover what he had to say about the Clooney – Alamuddin wedding as well as insider details from his profession!


Luca Bruno – Associated Press


Carmel +Vanilla: We all know that even at 53, George Clooney is one of the most photogenic movie stars in the world. Can we say the same about his new bride, Amal Alamuddin?

Luca Bruno: As I look through her pictures, there is no doubt that Amal Alamuddin is a beautiful fine woman, elegant and extremely photogenic.
But since I work for a wire agency, I’m not inclined to judge aesthetics. However, I can say that this beautiful and smart woman certainly has the qualities to be standing next to one of the most photographed men in the world. They really look good together as a couple.


Carmel + Vanilla: Your lens observes a lot more than just events but also interaction and emotions amongst people. How would you describe the exchange of emotions between George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin on their special day in a few words?

Luca Bruno: I found both of them to be very composed and careful, but always wearing big smiles when faced with photographers and cameras. Then in an impromptu moment whilst passing under a bridge in Venice, Clooney reached over to Amal and stroked her hair. That was the only gesture that seemed truly spontaneous throughout the 4 day festivities.


Carmel + Vanilla: In your opinion, what elements help distinguish a great picture from an average one?

Luca Bruno: That’s a difficult question to answer, and often a subjective matter. An image that tells a story to me, may be insignificant to another photographer. This is why I believe that a great picture must contain heart and soul. These ingredients will allow the picture to speak alone, without the need for a caption.


Carmel + Vanilla: What would you say is the hardest part of your job?

Luca Bruno: As photographers, we walk around with a lot of gear on our back, we wait for hours to get the right light, and we’re faced with unpredictable weather. Unfortunately, sometimes surviving all these factors is not enough to get good results because when the right time comes to push that button, someone decides to open up an umbrella and all your efforts are gone to waste!


Carmel + Vanilla: In your opinion, what is the best picture you’ve ever taken or which is the one closest to your heart?

Luca Bruno: The picture that struck me the most was one I took of the holy bible on the coffin of Pope John Paul II. It was so windy that the bible’s pages were turning over and over in the open air. And to think that I’m an atheist! Images certainly have the power to move people!


A big thank you to Luca for the extensive and detailed answers! And another one to Ralph for setting up the interview!



hilda ragheb

Hilda Khalifeh Stuns in Zuhair Murad

Thursday saw the kick-off of Star Academy’s 10th season on LBC. While some had their eyes on the contestants, I’m sure my fellow fashionistas only had eyes for Hilda Khalifeh and her stunning Zuhair Murad gown.


Hilda ZM official


The forever young presenter flaunted her FLAWLESS body in a figure hugging design from the internationally renowned designer’s Fall 2014 collection that was shown in Paris a few months ago.


on model


Hilda posted a series of pictures on Instagram- starting off with a teaser of the covered gown (bearing Zuhair Murad’s name) and kept her large fan base guessing until it was time to reveal her winning look!


Teaser Covered


The seasoned host kept the rest of her look simple with barely-there accessories and a classy ponytail.


hilda ragheb



What do you think of Hilda’s look?

Angelina front people

See Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress!

Following a 9 year courtship, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally married!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’d know that the internet world went into full-time investigation mode once they found out that the couple were married in a mega hush hush ceremony at their estate in Chateau Miraval, France.

And the most important question on everybody’s mind was: What did Angelina wear to the big day?


Angelina front people


So, here are the first pictures of  Jolie’s gown that were exclusively featured in People and Hello! Angelina’s dress was designed by Versace’s master tailor Luigi Massi- who actually sowed dozens of designs and caricatures that were drawn by her six kids onto her dress and veil. Talk about a customized gown! ;)


Angelina back


The blushing bride wore her hair up in a chic and elegant chignon and complimented her perfect look with understated earrings and her brand new wedding band!

What do you think of Angie’s gown?






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