Dining in Style | Found: Lebanon’s Best Italian Restaurant

We walked into La Traviata on Pasteur Streey shortly after 10:30 PM on Valentine’s Day. The place is literally the size of a standard salon, which made it incredibly cozy. There was no big fuss about Valentine and no set menu which was perfect!




After being seated at a cozy table for two by the window, we ordered two glasses of Italian white wine which we enjoyed with the tastiest freshly baked pain au fromage and parma ham.


pain au fromage

more pain


Shortly after, our Caprese salad and special house roasted potatoes came in. The Mozarella was so fresh and the pesto dressing was just right. The roasted potatoes had an addictive scent of rosemary and were as crunchy as they should be.




We enjoyed our starters while staring at pedestrians passing by on a big television screen. This sight turned out to be a live camera installed in La Traviata’s home restaurant in Bologna, Italy. We loved this detail!




It was time to order our entrees and to our surprise and it turns out, La Traviata makes all their pastas in house. We had a true Italian experience by ordering the Spaghetti with mushrooms and Parma ham and the most delicious Parmesan Ravioli. Simply YUM!


parma ham spaghetti




Our experience came to a perfect end with the Nutella Tortellini (also homemade). The dessert was fresh out of the oven, which made the nutella simply melt in our mouths. A true perfect ending to the best Valentine’s dinner date ever!





You simply have to try it!


La Traviata is located on Pasteur Street, Gemayzeh. To reserve, callĀ 01 444 471

Meal for two with wine: USD $90


Spotted! | Katy Patra by Nicolas Jebran

Katy Perry dazzled audiences with her rendition of “Dark Horse” during the Brit Awards a few nights ago, and most of the credit goes to non other than Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran who dressed her in a drop dead stunning Cleopatra inspired outfit that looked like it took ages to put together!




But the real story here happened a few nights later when Perry premiered the official video for her latest single wearing an amazing gown by the same Lebanese designer all throughout. The California native is featured as Queen Katy Patra (as the internet has been calling her) sitting on a thrown and wearing a multi-colored intricate design by Jebran. The gown is a piece of art and just simply stunning!


nic jebran


katy perry3



Click here to watch the official “Dark Horse” video featuring Juicy J. What are your thoughts on it?