A Fashionista’s Survival Guide to New Year’s Eve 2013

It’s almost time to bid 2013 farewell and say hello to 2014! But before we do that tonight, us girls, well we’re usually faced with trouble trying to select the perfect outfit to ring in the new year. Should we go for jeans, a skirt, or a dress? Should you go for an up-do or leave your hair down? Flats or heels? So in order to help you overcome (or at least deal with) these issues, here is a mini survival guide for every lady looking to nail her New Year’s Eve look.

The Outfit: I know we all want to wear our favorite silk dress tonight. But lets face it: New Year’s Eve = CHAOS; someone’s bound to open a bottle of champagne at 12AM and spray everyone in sight with it and it’s very possible that a waiter will accidentally drop the remaining contents of a bowl of onion soup in your lap (yes, it’s happened to me – NOT FUN!) So when choosing your outfit tonight, make it a fashionable, yet practical choice. Pick something that you know can be washed or sent to the dry cleaners. I love this simple yet glamorous find from Vero Moda.




The Shoes: If you’re going out tonight, chances are you will be on the dance floor till the early hours of the morning. And since you’ll be dancing, then you need to make sure that you’re wearing comfortable heels. (Yes, comfortable and sexy heels REALLY DO exist). However, regardless of your choice of heels, your feet are bound to feel the heat after midnight, so remember to keep a pair of dressy ballerinas in your car and turn to them to keep the party going!You don’t want to end up looking like this guy ;)




The Hair: I know that nailing the perfect ‘do is next to impossible with the weather being all crazy and humid, so make sure to tell your stylist to give you something simple and a style that you can adjust throughout the night in case your hair decides to go out of control. Personally, I either straighten my hair and include some curly waves at its ends to add some volume and leave it hanging loose or I ask my hairdresser to put it up in a pony tail- that way I really don’t have to worry about it. Take Rosy Huntington Whitely’s hair as guidance and remember whatever style you end up with, ask for some extra anti hair frizz spray to keep your strands in place!




The Makeup: For the holidays, I like to go for a kitten eye and red lips. While some might consider it a bold look, it’s pretty simple and doesn’t take much time to put together. However you decide to do your makeup, keep a few essentials in your purse for touch-ups, especially in case you’re hitting several house parties or events. I always keep concealer, eye liner, lipstick, cotton swabs (these always come in handy), and a compact mirror in my purse.




Have fun: No matter what you’re doing tonight, celebrate and enjoy every second of your time; it’s a been a year filled with ups and downs for us all, so when the clock strikes 12AM, make sure you hug and kiss anyone who means everything to you and toast for a happy and healthy 2014!





Happy New Year Everyone!




LB’s Fashion’s Day Out | Brunching with Vero Moda

Christmas came early this year for 8 lucky ladies who are avid fans of Vero Moda and Elle Oriental; the girls will ring in the arrival of 2014 with fabulous clothes and a full year of fashion thanks to VM.




Last Wednesday, Carmel and Vanilla was invited to attend a brunch held in honor of these eight lucky ladies at Cherry on the Roof Top located in Le Gray. And if you think the event was just your average brunch, think again. Sure the food was flawless and the drinks were fresh, but the Vero Moda team- headed by Roula Nahas- made sure to add their personal touch in the smallest of details. There were cupcakes personalized with the names of the winners, small glass jars filled with healthy bites, and individually wrapped cupcakes which literally tasted like heaven!


cupcakes 2




A dedicated beauty team from Bourjois was also present along with  a makeup consultant who offered   the ladies and myself some beneficial tricks that will surely come in handy during the holidays! Personal stylist Roula Kehdi was also there to give her tips on dressing for your body type and perfecting your style.




However, the most touching part of the event was when Roula gave an inspirational talk advising the winners to love themselves and make a wish for 2014 by blowing off the candle flame from each personalized cupcake. The ladies were finally encouraged to work hard to make this wish come true in the new year.


ur style


Following the event, I visited Vero Moda in Beirut Souks with Rachel from the VM team and we browsed through the new winter collection, which is just amazing! I’m sure you still have a few last minute gifts on your list that need to be bought, so be sure to head to your nearest Vero Moda and select your favorite items. While you’re at it, check out their newly introduced  Noisy May collection!





A big thanks to Vero Moda and Roula Nahas for such an entertaining and fun filled quality brunch. Cheers to so much more success in 2014!

Trends | Owning the Little Black Dress Look for the Holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, us girls are getting ready to bring out our favorite little black dresses to wear to the countless parties and events scheduled for the coming weeks.

If you’re anything like me, you know that what elevates a Little Black Dress look from  amazing to awesome are the accessories you pair with it! A while back, I discovered ChouChic.com, which is an online retail platform that sells great designer labels at amazing discounted prices! And honestly, my favorite section is the accessories section; I love statement necklaces and ChouChic happens to have so many that will surely add glamour to your little black dress outfit this festive season! Have a look at my favorite picks this week and let me know what you think!














All images are from www.chouchic.com. Visit the site for much much more!