Memory is a Blessing: Remembering those who can’t Remember..

#iRemember the day I started this blog: it was January 22nd, 2013 and I had just finished writing a post about the best dressed celebrities at the Golden Globe awards. I was sitting behind my desk at work, freezing, twirling my hair (as I do whenever I’m nervous), and panicking. I was about to hit that “publish” button, knowing that when I did I will become fully dedicated to constantly writing and expressing my views here. I remember that day like it were yesterday; the million thoughts rushing through my mind in an instant- some good, some bad, some scary and the list goes on. I remember finally clicking the “Publish” button and sharing my first post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And I remember that, since that moment, writing for this blog has become one of my favorite things in the world!


#iRemember my first blog post
#iRemember my first blog post


So, why am I telling you all this today?

A few days ago, I stumbled across a Facebook application by Barista Espresso that invited Facebook fans and Twitter followers to help them raise awareness during World Alzheimer’s Month (September) by sharing their memories using the hashtag #iRemember and recounting their special memories. Barista has promised to donate USD $1- per post, tweet, and Instagram picture to Alzheimer’s research in Lebanon.

I would like to invite you all to participate; Alzheimer’s affects millions of people around the world and this is one cause that really hits close to home: My grandmother Marianna was known by many as “Sit el Settet”, literally meaning the lady of ladies. She single-handedly raised four kids while my grandfather was working in Saudi Arabia to support the family and she nursed him back to health after two rigorous open heart surgeries. She was a working woman who made a career for herself as a nurse (which was pretty uncommon for the women of her time) and she used to cook quite a feast for Jeddo’s friends every week. In the Fall, she would make oil and soap and dry raisins and apricots to make jam..


#iRemember my mom and her siblings taking excellent care of Teta throughout her Alzheimer's
#iRemember my mom and her siblings taking excellent care of Teta throughout her Alzheimer’s


But then she got Alzheimer’s..It started out slow when she began forgetting simple things like what she had for lunch or who called her earlier in the day, but with the years it got a lot worse. She was unable to form new memories; to her I was still the little girl in school and my brother was still in college. She couldn’t watch a TV show because she wouldn’t remember what happened the episode before. She stopped cooking because she didn’t remember the ingredients. She didn’t remember who came to visit her or when Christmas was or when any of our birthdays were. When my Jeddo passed away, she sat in church unaware that it was her husband who had died. After that, she used to ask where he was and why he wasn’t with her.. To her, he died twenty times a day, and every time she “found out” that he passed, she would cry like it was the first time she was told.

Teta passed away almost three years ago. Her long battle with Alzheimer’s was filled with ups and downs for her and the family; there were times when she said the funniest things and times when her words were heartbreaking. Sometimes, I avoided seeing her because I wanted to keep the prior image I had of her in my mind and because there is nothing worse than seeing someone you love gradually dwindle and fade away into the unknown.


#iRemember Teta's last Christmas..
#iRemember Teta’s last Christmas..


What I want to tell you is that our memory is a blessing; the feeling of sinking your feet into the damp sand as the waves splash on the shore. Opening Christmas gifts with family. The first day of college. Tossing your hat into the air after graduation. First kisses. Last kisses. (Even though it sucks :) ). Your wedding day. Looking at your child for the first time. Visiting new places. Discovering new things. Accomplishments. Disappointments.. Remember all these things for as long as you can remember!



Trends | Boy Meets Girl at Victoria Beckham SS14

New York Fashion Week is in full swing! Some of our most loved designers are showcasing their upcoming Spring- Summer 2014 collections in the Big Apple during the week long event. I am always excited to see what Victoria Beckham brings to the table every time she has a fashion show, and seriously the lady never disappoints!




For the upcoming season, Beckham said that her focus was on shape both visually and conceptually of every single outfit. She also wanted to design items that are light weight and easy to wear, and her main goal was to create the perfect pair of trousers that are trendy, but also comfortable.




There’s also a sense of boyishness in her designs. As opposed to her previous collection-which was very masculine- Beckham made sure that the collection portrayed a flirty boy meets girl image and she succeeded in doing so!




Remember that you can shop Victoria Beckham at Boutique 1.


All Images are Courtesy of the Victoria Beckham Facebook Page

Spotted | X-Tina is that you?!

Remember when Christina Aguilera looked like this?




Now first things first; I am in no way referring to Christina’s size and/or bashing her about it. But I always say: always dress for your body type! Regardless of where fashion is heading or what you do for a living, wear something that compliments your figure. Let’s just face it: Christina wasn’t. At least not until she took it all off for this month’s MAXIM cover…


xtina cover


Christina stuns on the cover of the sultry men’s magazine in nothing but a revealing black bra and an unbuttoned white men’s dress shirt. I love the minimal makeup- it’s so refreshing to see her looking like herself without the 500 pounds of face paint she’s been showing off in the past few years!


xtina red


Inside the mag, Christina strikes a pose in a sexy corseted red dress that shows off her fabulous slimmed down, yet voluptuous physique, while again keeping her makeup minimal and flaunting a messy naturally blond updo (so happy to see the crazy bleached hair and purple highlights are long gone!)


Favorites: Hello September Beauty!

I’ve been on hiatus for quite some time now, but now I’m back and ready to start sharing with you everything related to the upcoming Fall season. I’m not particularly fond of the colder seasons since I feel that they’re a bit depressing (nobody’s a fan of 4:30 PM sunset, right?), but I’m sure this beauty post will be anything but depressing!

I’ve been obsessed with a few products lately- some of them are part of my daily morning beauty routine, while the rest I reserve for when I have more time on my hands.




Kicking it off with my favorite product, Dior’s Diorshow Iconic Overcurl: my eyelashes are a mess really; short and pointing downwards. I’ve tried so many brands and products, but nothing has ever worked for me like Dior! I’ve tried Diorshow, Diorshow Blackest Black, and Dior Show Iconic, but there’s nothing like the new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. The brush is just perfect, giving you the best precision in applying mascara and it actually gets your lashes from the bottom down to the very last one in the corner of your eye. Trust me on this one and add it to your makeup bag!

My eye lash steroid- as I like to call it- is Clinique’s Lash Building Primer. Remember when I told you that primer is the key to kissable Summer lips? Well same goes for your lashes. One or two coats of this white pigment will prep your lashes and get them ready for mascara.

Victoria’s Secret Kajal Liner is the perfect product to give your eyes that sexy smolder look. Inspired by an ancient beauty ritual, this creamy, pigment-rich kohl glides on for the ultimate and smoky effect. It’s intended use is inside the rim of the lower eyelid, but I smear it on my upper lash line as well for a stronger smoky look.

While I love a great tan, I never ever tan my face, so its color looks a little uneven with the rest of my body. To overcome this, I found a savior in M.A.C’s Powder Blush in Buff which I use to highlight my cheekbones. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and it lasts almost all day! Find your perfect tint at any M.A.C’s boutique in Beirut- the ladies who work there are really helpful and friendly :)

I’ve always been scared of bold lips, but I finally found a color that is both work and party appropriate. Estée Lauder’s Long Lasting Lipstick in Rubellite (188) is just the right mix of red and purple and it really matches any color I’m wearing!

A final step that I’ve added to my daily morning beauty ritual also comes from Victoria’s Secret’s VS PRO makeup line. The brand’s Anti-Shine FX Oil-Free Mattifier is the perfect product to eliminate shine. I use it on my T-zone after I’m done putting all my makeup on as it reduces oily shine and leaves a natural and clean matte finish. This product is a must if you have Oily/Combination skin!

What about you? Which beauty products are you currently raving about? Weigh in in the comments section and pick up a copy of U Magazine- it’s one of the fashion magazines I’m loving right now!